The last training week – Tomorrow is the day!

Just ONE day to the Elbrus Expedition

With training out of the way I can focus now in last minute logistics (trying to pack everything in a bag under the 23Kf allowance…) before tomorrows departure. Follow climbers for this expedition are flying from different places and tomorrow we are having dinner together so we can finalise the agenda and who does what in the higher camps.

If the legs are there and the weather permits – I would like to try the traverse from the West Summit (5,642m -18,510 ft) to the East (5,621m – 18,442 ft). Nothing is easy over there and the weather is not looking that good but definitely worth a try.

I want to thank you my sponsors: Wild Wolf and Sierra Nevada, as well as the main expedition sponsor Entrenadores Comerciales for their continuos support and funding.

Here we go, my last training log for this week and from tomorrow please keep an eye on this blog because we will be updating you when possible. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 18.37.31Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 18.37.45

No more training to follow in Strava because we are off now. 😉

Elbrus 2016 Expedition Sponsored by:




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