Week c/27th June – Training

43 days to Elbrus Expedition

Another eventful week at work but keeping the training sessions going not without a great deal of effort and compromising. My worst nightmare is not to sleeping enough to recover for the next day session. With a very stressful (and active) job, constantly travelling abroad and that required keeping your mind clear, I am constantly juggling to accommodate nearly 30 hours of good quality training each month.
My training plan is specific for Elbrus and my personal trainer (Franc Beneyto) keeps a close eye on the progress. Normally after week 4 of the specific plan, he sends me a revised one based on the previous results. A combination of gym, bike, running, weights and climbing and averaging an hour each day (sounds nothing but it is difficult to clock a 30h training each month – believe me!)

My training plan this week:

Training 2706Trainign 2706 2

Thank you to my sponsors:


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